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At the junction of 201 and 209 is the Eye of the Needle. A neat rock formation that people like to visit. If you climb it from the 206 side there are scrambles up some 6 boulders that you have to do. After a while if done right, it will drive them absolutely mad. A spoon in her drawer, a fork on the windowsill. Every day or couple of days she’d find one.

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I don mean canada goose black friday uk to make it about C9 but I have always loved how he just commits to whatever play he makes. I think that would fit really well in a team like C9, not that Sneaky is doing canada goose warranty uk poorly or anything. Just something I think about sometimes. I think people judging her based off of the persona she was on Facebook is bullshit. I think she looked like a loving mother and loving wife. Did she boss him soemtimes? Sure she did but he comes off as the kind of guy that needs bossing around.

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