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replica designer backpacks Vox Entertainment is Vox Media’s Los Angeles based studio that develops, sells, and produces premium, non fiction programming for TV and OTT platforms. As the entertainment division of Vox Media, Vox Entertainment’s shows are inspired by great journalism, next generation talent, and deep curiosity about the world. In 2018, Vox Entertainment premiered a weekly docuseries, Explained, on Netflix with Vox, which has been picked up for a second season; a true crime sports docuseries, Foul Play, on Verizon’s go90 platform with sports network SB Nation; a food and travel docuseries, No Passport Required, for PBS, as Eater’s first broadcast debut; and a provocative weekly series addressing the issues dividing our nation, Consider It, for Facebook Watch, hosted by Liz Plank replica designer backpacks.

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